Monday, 23 September 2013

Tips to Getting The Most Out Of Your Curling Wand

In the past, the only way of curling hair was to leave them in bulky rollers overnight. Today, technology has given us tools like the curling wand and curling iron. By using such appliances, busy working women or college students can save time and get great curls without having to visit expensive salons and parlors.

A great deal of technology has gone in making the tools of this type. Gone are the days when one ended up damaging their hair due to extremely hot curling iron barrels. Today the negative ion technology has made it possible to have smooth curls without tugging or breaking one's hair. Also, the tourmaline infused ceramic barrels have rendered the wand a lot safer; it has helped women avoid frizzy or unmanageable hair. The time required for the procedure is also less. The temperature range of most curling wands is between 284 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher the temperatures of the wand more defined are the curls.

Here are the steps to use the curling wand:

· Plug in the wand and let it heat up to the desired temperature. If your device has a thermostat or temperature control, you can select the desired heat level for the curls you require. Refer to the instruction manual for temperature settings

· Use the thermal glove provided with the curling wand to help prevent burns to your hands and fingers.

· Brush out your hair to remove tangles if any

· Tie up the top half of your hair in a clip.

· Divide your hair in 1 inch sections. Using the other hand put the barrel of the appliance up toward the top of the hair section, close to the scalp. The wand should be on top of the hair section, not under it. Now wrap the hair around the barrel and then move down the length of your hair until you wrap the ends around it.

· Repeat the procedure using the tool on the remaining parts of your hair.

Today such appliances are considered an indispensable tool for styling hair. Women with flat/thinning hair can instantly add volume and curls for a 'fuller appearance'. Similarly, women with curly hair can also straighten their hair using the curling wand.

Here are some tips recommended by experts for getting the best out of the curling wand:

· Always use a good shampoo and conditioner as per your hair type. If you do not know what your hair type is there are many online (as well as offline) ways of determining that. Your stylist can also guide you.

· Always deep condition your curls if you are planning to straighten them; these tools often dry out hair.

· Use a heat protecting serum to protect the hair from the heat of the barrel

· While straightening your hair, it is best to use the lowest possible heat setting on the tool, which will give you the desired effect without any damage.

Curling wand or curling iron: Which is better?

There is often a question on every woman's mind as to which tool is better: the wand or the curling iron. Experts are of the opinion that wands are better than the irons because they are easier to use and cause less damage to the hair.

The curling iron also requires you to place your hair in a clamp. This can damage and break hair. The heat of the iron can also damage the hair shaft. The wand on the other hand is a lot safer tool due to the ceramic barrel and negative ion technology. The ceramic or tourmaline barrel can retain heat longer and can give one the desired curls in minutes. The negative ion technology of the curling wand also ensures less damage to the hair shaft.

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